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I was excitedly waiting for drape drape to come out in English and last May it finally did! I acquired it and vowed to make stuff this summer.

Well, I have made two things using the first pattern, no 1 loose drape top. Um, they’re both tops. The pattern was actually very simple, once I figured out how to trace it out. (All of the patterns are printed on top of one another on a big sheet of paper, similar to the Burda magazine patterns.)

I modified the pattern slightly, as you can see the drape is a little much and my husband had me make some adjustments so I wasn’t so, well, exposed.




The stripey top is the second one I made. I got the fabric on sale from girl charlee, which is a great resource for knits. This was my first order from them and I loved the selection, plus my order came fairly quickly and was exactly what I ordered. I have plans for the rest of the fabrics, which hopefully I’ll get to before school starts. I had so many great plans for things to do this summer and really spent most of it napping and playing with my kids.